Time To Grow Up

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Every Christian has at one time in his life had this confession, “I am an atheist.” In fact, there are areas that we fail to yield to God now..sex before marriage, alcoholism, pornography, pride, bitterness, bondage, alternative lifestyles, etc. We have given ourselves to God and are saved by grace; yet, even-so as the Holy Spirit reveals in each of us a conviction of things in our lives which are unholy, we fail to grasp that through our continued disobedience, we are indeed atheists in those areas. We are saying God is not enough to break my addiction, He is not enough for my healing; He did not suffer enough stripes on His back or perhaps didn’t hang on the cross long enough for me. He is not enough to heal my marriage, restore my relationships, break my bitterness and pride, deliver me from bondage, or renew my mind.

Are you really worth more than the price He already paid?

Today, do yourselves a favor and make a decision. Are you “ALL IN” or “ALL OUT” for Jesus Christ?!? Do you believe His Word wholly or not? Will you die to your desires and receive Him for His? The Bible says, His ways are greater than our ways. Blessings or cursings, life or death. It’s up to you to decide. Stop playing games. It’s time to grow up!

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