Miracle Report

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I had the opportunity to pray for a few people and saw miracles before my eyes.

1. Man with hip problem and 3 discs in his back jacked up. I laid hands on him and spoke to each problem. each time I prayed I asked him how his pain level was from 1 to 10. 3 times I prayed, each time pain remained a 10. the next time I commanded his hip to repair itself pain went to 7, next to 3, then he was completely healed. It had been difficult to put on his shoes for 2 years and now is completely healed and able to touch his toes, twist, etc. with no pain.

2. Lady came in a leg brace. She had crushed foot and ankle. Damaged tendons and ligaments and no strength. medication for chronic pain.. Even with leg brace, it was painful for her to even stand. I prayed for her several times laying hands on her foot and ankle. after she felt no pain while wearing her brace, the Holy Spirit told me to tell her to sit in a chair and remove the brace. She did. pain was nil but she had flexibility issues and strength problem. I once again laid hands on her foot and ankle and full restoration came to pass. within 15 mins, she was jumping with no pain and completely healed. After God healed her, both she and her husband came to the Lord.

3. Another lady said she had several issues with health. When I was about to pray for healing, the Holy Spirit told me she had a spirit of addiction. Instead of praying for her sickness as she expected, I grab both sides of her head and commanded the spirit of addiction to leave her. Immediately she broke down weeping and delivered of all issues.

I prayed for a man who had joint problems including his elbow… healed

I prayed for another man with back trouble for the past 30 years…. healed

God is still working miracles! He is SO GOOD! He is worthy of all the praise and all the glory. If you have one of these issues, know this. We are healed by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. God is not a respecter of persons; what he does for one, He will do for everybody! Claim these testimonies in the name of Jesus and be healed.

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